Who are we?

RATHULETO provides a range of cost-effective, high-impact solutions to industry and individuals along various service streams. Software Development, Cleaning Services, General Construction and Training amongst others.

Why such a diverse service offering? The director saw an opportunity to create a vehicle for skilled individuals to work with lesser skilled individuals in her community on projects. Each project is unique and, therefore, not all projects can facilitate skills transfer.

RATHULETO will open up market opportunities for professionals and job seekers. We facilitate broader employment with a clear drive towards excellent service delivery.

Our focus is on market exploration, competent management and administration, excellent service provision, and skills development.


Founder and Director


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Service excellence brings joy.

We love a happy client, that is why we work even harder.

Why are we here?

We live here. We do good work here. However, when we look around our world, we can see a gaping chasm between possibilities and current realities. In order to bridge the gap between poverty and prosperous communities, we put our current skills to work and help those around us to do the same.

Our vision is to build a world that enjoys the highest standard of living and enlightenment. We work towards this vision by broadening economic participation.

We are the agency that identifies potential and nurture it through formalised experiential learning. We have professionals who concern themselves with the standard levels of service

What do we do?

General Construction

General Construction for corporate, public enterprise and residential premises

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Brand, CMS, Wordpress Websites, Web Apps and Custom Java Applications.

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Service with a warm smile :)

We listen to you, learn your requirements and we deliver beyond your expectation

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